Simple Healthy Vegetable Side Dishes Roundup

Super Easy Healthy Vegetable Sides - 5 Ingredients or Less! Find the recipe links at

Have you ever noticed that when I post a Weekly Menu Plan for our dinners, it very often includes a garden salad or something simple like green beans or roasted broccoli? I have a little confession... I'm a bit challenged when it comes to creative side dishes to go along with our dinners. Even just having more variety would be nice. But the other confession is that when dinner time rolls around, even if I've got it planned out and it's ready and cooking, who knows what kind of day or evening it is or has been. Very often we're rushing from one activity to the next or getting home from an activity or working around kids' homework so I just don't have the energy to get a side dish going on top of everything else. So I fall back on the easy, familiar basics of a garden salad or roasted ...

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Weekly Menu Plan {April 25, 2016} Find recipe and dinner inspiration at

Weekly Menu Plan {April 25, 2016}

We're hosting company this week, I've got two evening meetings this week and I'm also the registrar for our swim team and we are holding evaluations this week so needless to say it's a convergence of busy times here in our house. That's why I'm kicking my slowcooker into high gear with three dinners ...

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Simple Slowcooker Steak and Chicken Fajitas are a delicious and easy way to enjoy at Texas regional specialty. Perfect for a weeknight--or when company's visiting! Find the recipe at

Simple Slowcooker Steak and Chicken Fajitas #SundaySupper

I’ve lived in Texas for three-quarters of my life so I’m sure it’s pretty safe to say I’m a Texan. Over the years, I’ve come to love many regional foods that just don’t taste as good anywhere else. Fajitas are one of those dishes that are on a regular rotation in our house and are perfect for ...

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Confused by what foods to feed your family and why? I've rounded up these Six Books To Read For The Conscious Kitchen to help you understand the food you eat so you can make more informed decisions for your family. Find the list at

Six Books To Read For The Conscious Kitchen

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, it may be no secret that I like to read a lot of food-related books. You may remember that last year I even compiled a list of 20 Summer Reads for Foodies which included some of my favorite fiction books that are all food related. And I even love to sit down ...

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Weekly Menu Plan {April 18, 2016} Find recipe and dinner inspiration at

Weekly Menu Plan {April 18, 2016}

This weekend, we went camping and were in the car eight hours round trip. Thankfully, I remembered to bring my menu planning things (like my calendar and freezer inventory sheets so I was able to plan our meals for the next four to five weeks. Of course, I'll check it each week to see if things need ...

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Easy Patatas Bravas Recipe and #TasteOfSpain

Thank you to Kroger for inviting me to be part of the #TasteOfSpain campaign. I've been eating Spanish food for more than half my life! When I married my husband, I also married into his family and with a Spanish mother-in-law, I've been introduced and come to love lots of Spanish foods over the ...

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Weekly Menu Plan {April 11, 2016} Find recipe and dinner inspiration at

Weekly Menu Plan {April 11, 2016}

I'm breathing a sigh of relief this week! My husband and I helped with a big school fundraiser over the weekend and while it was fun, I'm glad to get a little bit more of my free time back. Spring sports have just started for the kids though so our evenings are still a bit busy. I'm hoping to sit ...

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Weekly Menu Plan {April 4, 2016} Find recipe and dinner inspiration at

Weekly Menu Plan {April 4, 2016}

The first week of every month is always extra busy for me with meetings and other deadlines I seem to have for various projects. This month is no exception and this week has a few extra things thrown in so I'm relying on quick and easy freezer meals (for the most part) for dinners this week. Don't ...

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Simple Bruschetta Chicken - classic Italian flavors with a twist! Easy enough you can have it to the table in under 30 minutes! Find the recipe at

Simple Bruschetta Chicken Skillet #SundaySupper

When it comes to dinner, it’s no secret that I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy but flavorful dinners I can make for my family. So when I received the Kroger MyMagazine the recipe for Bruschetta Chicken Skillet caught my eye. We had tried a Bruschetta Chicken recipe from Dream Dinners that ...

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Weekly Menu Plan {March 21, 2016} | Recipe ideas and inspiration at

Weekly Menu Plan {March 21, 2016}

Last week we were on a Spring Break trip and I had hoped to have a different kind of weekly menu plan blog post to share with you all but it just didn't happen. But I'm ready to get back on track and actually sat down over the weekend and planned out the next couple of weeks. Sometimes it's easier ...

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