25 Simple Soup Recipes

25 Simple Soup Recipes | MealPlanningMagic.com

It’s the middle of January and even though the weather has warmed up a bit here in my part of Texas, it’s still winter and that means it’s time for soup in my book. Today I’m bringing you 25 Simple Soup Recipes from bloggers all around the web! January is National Soup Month, so what better time than now to share a bunch of delicious recipes?

When I was growing up, I can remember, my mom saying on a cold day, “It’s a soup kind of day!” There’s something about soup that makes it so appealing in the winter time. It’s sure to warm you up when you’re chilled. Plus, soups are a relatively easy meal to prepare: just add all the ingredients, simmer for awhile (or put in the slowcooker) and before you know it, dinner’s ready!

Soup Swap
A few years ago I remember reading about an event called Soup Swap. The concept is pretty simple: pick a swap date, contact some friends who want to join you, make soup, get together, bring storage containers and exchange soup! The idea is that you’ll get to bring home different varieties of soup for you freezer and have a fun get together, too! The National Soup Swap is normally in January, but you can host a soup swap any time. (Check out this website for more ideas on how to organize a swap of your own).

I was inspired by the idea of a Soup Swap and wintertime, to collect a bunch of soup recipes from other bloggers. Most of these are pretty simple which is an extra bonus for getting dinner on the table quickly and easily. I hope you enjoy these 25 Simple Soup Recipes! The first three are from my blog. Thanks to all the other bloggers who contributed to this roundup!

1. Super Simple BLT Soup ~ Meal Planning Magic
2. Chicken Rice and Black Bean Tortilla Soup ~ Meal Planning Magic
3. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup ~ Meal Planning Magic
4. Basic Chicken Soup ~ {Aka}design life
5. Potato Soup Recipe ~ Tips from a Typical Mom
6. Savory Butternut Squash Soup ~ Town and Country Living
7. Easy Miso Soup Without Dashi ~ Zagleft
8. Butternut Squash Soup with Crispy Sage Leaves ~ One Simple Thing
9. Spinach Chicken Orzo Soup ~ Cooking on the Front Burner
10. Skinny Cheesy Enchilada Soup ~ Domestic Superhero
11. Tortilla Soup ~ Restoration Redoux
12. Fish Chowder ~ Crafts A La Mode
13. Quick & Easy Baked Potato Soup ~ An Alli Event
14. Loaded Baked Potato Soup ~ A Southern Fairytale
15. Skinny Creamy Cauliflower Soup ~ Domestic Superhero
16. Tomato Bisque with Bacon & Croutons ~ Eat Drink Eat
17. Easy Cauliflower Leek Soup ~ Spoon and Knife
18. Lentil Soup Two Ways (vegetarian or smoky & meaty) ~ Milehimama
19. Sausage Lentil Rice Soup ~ Clumsy Crafter
20. Brazilian Shrimp Soup ~ On the Way Home
21. Comforting Mushroom and Onion Soup ~ Keep It Simple Sweetie
22. Quick Chicken Noodle Soup with Homemade Egg Noodles ~ Play. Party. Pin.
23. Tomato Basil Soup ~ Eat, Pray, Read, Love
24. Zesty Hamburger Soup ~ Sparkles and a Stove
25. Creamy And Healthy Potato Soup ~ Pretty Providence


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    National Soup Month! Just when Get Organized Month is ending. The pairing of both makes me very happy! Thanks for sharing all the yummy recipes. I am definitely trying the BLT soup!


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