Who Me? Plan my meals?

When people ask me about meal planning I always tell them that I wasn’t always this way. Yes,, I’ve always loved cooking and trying new recipes but as far as the organization side of things, I’m totally self taught. Honestly, I think I started learning more after stumbling onto Once-A-Month Cooking after reading about it on a scrapbooking forum online! Their motivation to meal plan was so they could have more time scrapbooking. Well, sure, why not? For those that know me, when I start reading about something it can almost consume me so I started looking all over online and checking out books at the library and now here we are!

So meal planning can do so much more than SAVE you time or money (well, those are both good things too!). But it can also GIVE you more time and money to spend with your family, friends or the hobbies you love! Why not start today?


  1. Prioritize 2 Organize says

    I love your Blog! You have a great concept. What a wonderful example for your kids to follow.


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