Tasty Books Summer Book Club: A Place for Foodies (or Foodie Wannabes!)

The first day of summer officially kicks off for us today as school is out! Whether your children are not yet in school, you have grown children or none at all, summertime usually means fewer things on your “to-do” list, visits to, from and with family and friends and generally a more relaxed time of year.

For me, it also means I’ll have more free time.  So I’m excited to introduce the Meal Planning Magic Tasty Books Summer Book Club! Being lover of all things food related, I’m naturally drawn to books about, well, food. And since discovering several years back that books written about food don’t necessarily mean they need to be cookbooks, I was hooked.

Since we’re all on a different part of the journey towards preparing healthy foods for our families that also save time and money, I thought it would be a great idea to share books with my readers to help us all learn to think about the foods we love (or will come to love!) on many different levels.

So, let me get down to the details!

At the beginning of each month, I’ll announce a list of books for us to read. There will be a variety to choose from, all food related of course! Choose one, choose them all or go somewhere in between—it’s up to you!  Categories will include:

 Non-fiction: These books will be our “thinking” books. They will be on topics related to food whether it be nutrition, the food industry, etc.

 Fiction: There are lots of fiction writers that include characters who are somehow related to cooking or baking. They usually include recipes too!

Cookbooks: I’ll pick some of my favorites (and maybe some new ones!) to get us cooking together. New recipe challenge anyone?

Children’s Books: Yep, there are lots of food-related books for kids. Picture books and novels…there will be something for all ages! And since I want to encourage my children to keep reading over the summer, I thought why not include them too?

Best of all, it’s FREE to join! To get the most out of it though, make plans to let the rest of our group know what you think about the books we’re reading. We’ll start the discussion on Meal Planning Magic Facebook Fan Page and also by leaving comments after the posts. It will be a fun way to share your thoughts about the book in our “virtual book club!” Each week, I will write an update on at least one of the books featured so we can get the conversation started. I hope you’ll join me!

I do ask this though: while I am a big fan of my library (and frequent it often), if you plan to purchase any of the Tasty Book Club books featured here, please use the links I provide on my page. I’m an Amazon affiliate and although that has nothing to do with how I’ll be choosing the books, I do get a small percentage of every order that is placed via my blog. Help a girl out if you will! :-) Or check your library first…I promise I won’t know!

I’m excited about our book club and hope you are too. I may even have a related giveaway or two. Feel free to spread the word and stay tuned for the book list announcement coming soon!


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