Super Bowl Tasty (& some healthy!) Treats

We’re sort of fairweather fans when it comes to football. If one of our favorite college teams is playing we’ll tune in about half the time. And when the Houston Texans made it to the playoffs, we were supportive fans. Alas, they did not make it to the BIG Game coming up on Sunday. But we’ll still tune in to the game because it’s fun to watch the commercials right? My sister and her husband host a Super Bowl party every year.  And if the party wasn’t on a school night on the other side of town, we’d attend. And no doubt, I’d be looking for some fun  food to bring. So, I’ve been having too much fun on Pinterest lately and found these fun football foods that you might like to make for a party you’ll be attending or maybe just for your family (which I think I just might do myself!)

 Kathy over at Panini Happy has done a match-up of sandwiches inspired by the two teams playing each other. The Big Game Week: Pastrami and Aged Cheddar Football Panini is one of her offerings this year.

 And who wouldn’t love this twist on choclate covered strawberries with these Football Strawberries from Domestic Fits?

 I’ll admit these Beer Cheese Football Cupcakes looked good when I first saw them but Beer Cheese and chocolate? I’m not so sure. But I’ve seen crazier combos make it to the finals on Cupcake Wars, so who knows?

Super easy and oh so cute, these Mini Football subs from Family Fun are quick, easy and delicious!

 I love potato skins but usually their laden with fat and calories. Here’s a healthier twist with gucamole and other fresh ingredients from Whats Gaby Cooking in these Game Day Potato Skins.

I love dips! A party isn’t a party without a dip so this Ultimate Super Bowl Dip from Better Recipes should do the trick on Sunday!

 How about a healthy snack even the kids can get into? This Quarterback Snack from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons is perfect for fans of all ages!

And deviled eggs seem to disappear before our eyes at any social gathering. Here’s a fun twist on this classic from Southern Living with the Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs.

Finally, it seems that I’ve been seeing recipes for chili pop up all over the internet when it comes to a must have at Super Bowl parties. The best thing is it can be made ahead (and it’s usually better the next day anyway) and put in a slowcooker for a serve-yourself option. How about trying this Pumpkin Chili & Football Grilled Cheese  from Family Fun as a healthier option that’s also festive!

I hope you’ve been inspired to try some fun foods for game day. Go team! (I’m not rooting for either team since I don’t really have a favorite!)


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