St. Patrick’s Day Recipes Ideas

We’re not Irish. There’s not even a drop of Irish blood in either of our families. But, like many Americans on March 17th, we like to observe St. Patrick’s Day anyway. Why not wear green that day to avoid the dreaded pinch that the kids love to “catch” others who are not wearing green? Looking for leprechauns and that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Sure. We’ll have corned beef, cabbage and potatoes for dinner (and maybe a Reuben sandwich panini as leftovers!) When we were kids, my mom used to tint the milk at dinner green in honor of the holiday. Nowadays, I’m looking for more green foods to make that are naturally green (I still sometimes tint the milk for my kids though!)

This week I’m guest posting over at Food With Kid Appeal with my Green Monster Smoothie. Here’s the recipe for you too!

Green Monster Smoothie
1 ½ C skim milk
½ C plain yogurt
2 very ripe bananas (the riper they are, the sweeter they are)
2 C loosely packed baby spinach
1 T honey

Combine all ingredients in blender until blended. Pour and enjoy!
Makes 4 cups.


All the ingredients here. This smoothie is a great way to use up spinach that is a little past it’s prime.

Measure half cup of plain yogurt. Pour into blender.

Measure one and half cups of milk and add to blender with peeled bananas.

Measure two cups spinach. Add to blender.

Measure one tablespoon honey and add to rest of ingredients in blender.

Blender is ready to go (don’t forget to add the lid! :-))

A few minutes blending and it’s ready to pour and drink! (yes, I have an ancient blender but it still works!)

Yummy Green Monster Smoothie!

Need some more inspiration? Here are a few more links to some of my favorite blogs from around the web with more green food ideas.

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