Resource Guide

Here you will find a list of all the links that will help you in your meal planning journey!

MEAL PLANNING MAGIC’S RESOURCES/FORMS (the links are to the posts with the forms–the post title is what’s in parentheses!):
Basic Weekly Meal Plan (Chicken, Chicken, Chicken….No More!)
Freezr Inventory Sheet (Seen Any U.F.O.’s Lately?)
Standard Grocery List (Grocery Shopping Simplified)
Meal Planning Services (Give Me A Plan Ma’am!)
Meal Planning on a Budget (Create a Price Book)
Weekly Breakfast Menu (No More Boring Breakfasts)
Weekly Meal Plan Form (Secret To Meal Planning (Mine!))

Freezer Cooking Resources (aka OAMC)
Dinner’s In the Freezer
Feed The Freezer: Freezer Cooking Guide
Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month!
How and What Can I Freeze?
How Do I Thaw It Safely? (and here’s a second link for more info.)
LabelOnce Erasable Food Storage Labels
Busy Cooks Make Ahead Recipes and OAMC
Real Food For Real People-Once A Month Cooking

Lunch and Snack Ideas
5 Sack Lunch Ideas Kids Love
Best School Lunch Ideas
Laptop Lunches—Ideas
Lunchbox Ideas
Vegetarian Lunch with Punch!

Baby/Toddler/Kid Food Tools
Wholesome Toddler Food Guide
A Serving of Fun–How Much Is A Kids’ Size Serving?

Family Meals….Plan Together, Eat Together!
Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children
Healthy Family Home
Importance of Family Meals
Studies Supporting Family Meals
Ties That Bind at Mealtime (Washington Post article)

Meal Planning Services—Some Free, Some a Little More!
Nestle’s (free!)
Taste Of Home’s Weekly Menusaver (free!)
Better Homes and Gardens® DinnerTime (check the Frequently Asked Questions for details)
Dine Without Whine Meal Plans
Kid Approved Meals
Meal Mixer: Meal Plan the Easy Way
Plan To Eat
Saving Dinner Weekly Menu Plans

Meal Planning and Recipe Idea Links

Meal Makeover Moms
Martha Stewart Living–Food and Meal Planning Ideas
Martha Stewart Living-Radio Show Blogs (great ideas and links!)
Cooking Light Menu Planner
Cooking Light magazine and recipe search
Eating Well magazine & recipe search
Healthy Cooking Magazine
Simple and Delicious magazine
Family Fun magazine’s Month of Meals Menu Guide

Special Diet Links–Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and more!
Book of Yum!
Fresh Ginger (has probably two dozen gluten free blog/site links!)
Gluten Free Mommy
Gluten Free Blog
Strawberries Are Gluten Free
Vegan Blogs Directory
Wheatless Foodie

Organic/Local/Sustainable Eating Guides
Eat Wild: #1 Site for Grass Fed Food and Facts
Food News from Environmental Working Group
Meat Production Methods Glossary (wallet card) by Sustainable Table
Organic Consumers
Organic Produce Shopping Wallet Card
Top 10 Reasons to Buy Organic

Food Storage Info.
Center for Food Safety (TONS of links here)
Fruit Storage Guide
How and What Can I Freeze It?
Vegetable Storage Guide
Leftovers Storage Guide (from Clemson University)
Food Safety: Storage, Preparation and Handling (by USDA)

Meal Shopping/Preparation Tools
Food Pyramid Meal Planner, Guides and Games!
Organic Produce Shopping Wallet Card

Organize Your Life! Resources
More Coming Soon!

Going Green! Earth Friendly Resources

Coming Soon!


  1. Karla W says

    Hi – I just ran across your blog. Great job! There is a service that I have been using that is FANTASTIC. 3 meals free a week, so you can try it for a while. It is called:

    Just thought you might want to add it to your resources. A woman in my bookclub recommended and now we are all using.

  2. Meal Plan Mom (Brenda) says

    Hi Karla,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! I actually did a review of Food on the Table back in January! Their service is pretty cool. It was the first in a series I am doing on online menu planning services. If you go to the main page you can search for it by date or serach using the search box. I hope you'll check it out! :-)


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