Meal Planning Milestone Monday

My Meal Planning Milestone Monday update this week included trying three new recipes!

Last week I made whole wheat pizza crust dough in my bread machine. Wow! Was this a terrific tasting crust…not too whole-wheat-ish (even though the ratio of whole wheat to all-purpose flour was equal) and it baked up great with all the toppings. Definitely a keeper!

Secondly, I made the Pumpkin Spice Donuts that I found on Pinterest and seems like everyone was making too! They were easy and quite tasty although like several other comments have said, we didn’t care for the cinnamon-sugar coating (will use a glaze next time).

And because that recipe only used a small bit of the can of pumpkin, I made a new bread machine recipe for pumpkin quick bread. What I love about using my bread machine is that it’s kind of like a slow cooker for bread. I can set it and go out and then come back and the bread is still warm (but not burned from sitting in a hot oven too long)—which is exactly what I did when I ran out on a few errands. My family LOVES pumpkin bread so I’m excited to have this new recipe in our repertoire!

Bread machine pumpkin bread (I really need to start taking pictures in the daytime–better lighting!)

Lastly, I planned what I’m going to make for our freezer meal swap group this week. That’s a milestone because for some reason I was having a really hard time figuring out what to make in the time frame I have available in the next few days to make it!

What’s your milestone this week?

Meal Planning Magic Milestone Mondays is your place to share your most recent baby steps towards meal planning. It can be:

–planning your meals for the week and (mostly) sticking to that plan
–trying a new recipe
–packing a homemade lunch for you, your kids or someone else in your family to take to school or work
–stayed within or under your food budget for the week
–eating out or going through the drive through one less day than usual
–had less food waste than usual that week (even if it’s just a bit less!)
–making something from scratch that you might normally purchase pre-made
–sitting down together as a family for a meal
–picky eater in your family tried something new and liked it!
And the ideas go on!

It’s easy to participate:

–Add your milestone in the comments section. It doesn’t have to be long—but it can be if you like!


–Use the linky to add your own blog’s link to a post that week that talks about your meal planning milestone


If you’d like to grab the badge and add it to your own blog, just email me at mealmagic (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll send you the code.

I hope you’ll join me in participating and I look forward to encouraging each other on our path to make mealtime easier, healthier and hopefully budget friendly too!



  1. Missy C says

    We had LOTS of company this weekend so my meal plan and timeline were a huge help…even when we were late getting back to make dinner;) Prepping some of the items (like chopping veggies) was a big help…all about the little stuff!

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