Meal Planning Magic is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Blog of the Month

I am beyond excited that my blog has been chosen as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Blog of the Month! It is a huge honor and I have you all to thank. It is because of your support that I continue to blog and share ways to save time and money in the kitchen as well as learn how to eat healthier, real food along the way! It is a journey that never ends but one that I have enjoyed so much over the last 4 1/2 years that I’ve been blogging (yes, it’s been that long!)

You can check out the write-up on their site here. And discover a bunch of other previous blog winners here. I have been a big fan of Jamie Oliver since his Food Revolution program aired on television a couple of years ago. You can also watch his award-winning TEDtalk here.Some of his methods may be considered a bit over-the-top but it definitely gets the discussion going about the food we’re eating. It has inspired me to get involved in my own school district’s School Health Advisory Council too (which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far!) I could go on and on about the future of real food…which I will plan to do in 2013!


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