Kitchen Organization Series {Best of Meal Planning Magic}

This is NOT my kitchen but isn't it beautifully organized?

Since I’m still technically on my Blogging Vacation, I’ve got a collection of posts for the “Best of Meal Planning Magic” series. Enjoy!

Whether your kids have gone back to school, have yet to go or you don’t even have children in school (or at all!), there’s something about this time of year that makes me feel like I need to get organized. It’s kind of like a second ‘new year’ time of year for me. And what better time than now to organize your kitchen for the upcoming busy holiday season? Today, I’m sharing some ideas to get your WHOLE kitchen organized (the cabinets, the pantry and even the fridge and freezer!). You’ll be glad you did!

Kitchen Organization Series (Part 1): Your Cabinets and Drawers

Kitchen Organization Series (Part 2): Pantry and Food Storage

Kitchen Organization Series (Part 3): Back-to-School Launch Pad

Kitchen Organization Series (Part 4): The Refrigerator

Kitchen Organization Series (Part 5): The Freezer

And here’s a bonus: my pantry was featured a little over a week ago on The Perfect Pantry in her Other People’s Pantries series. Check out the site because there are TONS of great pantry organizing ideas for all different sized spaces.

Happy organizing! Feel free to share your organizing tips in the comments below!

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