It’s Holiday Cookie Time!

A few weeks ago we finally updated our kitchen with new counters (it’s been something we’ve been planning for awhile). We hit a few snags along the way including a week with no running water and still no working cooktop (going on three weeks now). But my old oven still works and until the new one comes in I’ve been busy baking my holiday cookies for upcoming cookie exchanges, holiday gifts and just general baking.
Our new oven is set to arrive soon, (the new cooktop and old oven aren’t compatible anymore–15 years later–surprise!) but I was worried I’d be totally without an oven in case we hit yet another snag and then how would I get my baking done? So I’m stocking my freezer with baked goods too so I’ll be prepared! Consider it a Holiday Baking OAMC!
Is the thought of baking that much a little overwhelming but you’d still like a variety of holiday cookies to serve and enjoy this season? How about hosting a cookie exchange? It’s fairly simple to do and best of all you bake one type of cookie and end up with a wide variety of cookies without all the baking! Not sure how to start? It’s simple and you can check out the basic how-to’s at this Cookie Exchange Site.
Don’t forget that holiday baking time is a great time to start a tradition with your kids or grandkids also! When I was little, after my grandmother would arrive for the holidays, we made our cut-out sugar cookies and decorated them with her. I’ve continued that tradition with my own kids (and their cousins, aunt and grandmother!). Ever since the kids could sit in a high chair we’ve decorated our cookies on “Cookie Day”. Now that my kids are a little older they ask WHEN we’re having our special day not IF. They look forward to it too and it is a lot of fun!
So, whatever method you choose I hope you enjoy a little baking this year and enjoy an extra indulgence or two also! Let me know if you’ve ever hosted or been to a cookie exchange and what’s your favorite part…or if you have any special holiday baking memories or traditions (just post your thoughts in the comments section). Happy Baking!
Check out last year’s post for more musings on cookie baking and some helpful forms for the holidays at Meal Planning Magic Holiday Style! Baking 101.


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