Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Creamer Recipe–Freezable Too!

Making your own coffee creamer not only tastes delicious, it saves you money! You can even freeze it so that you can easily use it for each cup of coffee. Yum! | Recipe at MealPlanningMagic.com I just made a batch of this coffee creamer today and since it's been awhile since I originally posted this recipe (more than 3 1/2 years ago!) I wanted to bring it back to some of you that may have never seen it! I updated the photos a bit too and reformatted the recipe so that it's easy to print out if you like! Otherwise, the post is the same. And let me tell you, it's as delicious as ever! I hope you'll give it a try! Remember last week when I introduced the Real Food Fridays  series? It’s a new week, so that means a new recipe! Up this week: Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Creamer. Yum! I didn’t start drinking coffee until about five years ago. I was at a scrapbooking retreat with some friends and they were all getting coffee so they could scrap long into the night. I tried it and boy, that caffeine sure did keep me going! (I don't normally drink many things that have much caffeine in them). They love to remind me how much I was talking and go-go-going on that retreat—until 2 a.m.! But I digress. Being that that drink came from Starbucks and had sweet creaminess added to it, that’s how I was used to drinking my coffee. I still don’t drink coffee that often but do occasionally enjoy it here and there. I used to buy the flavored coffee creamers from the refrigerated section of the store so I could recreate those drinks at home for a whole lot less. I guess I was clueless to the fact that those didn’t really have any dairy in there and upon further examination, discovered there were some pretty strange sounding ingredients. Making your own coffee creamer not only tastes delicious, it saves you money! You can even freeze it so that you can easily use it for each cup of coffee. Yum! | Recipe at MealPlanningMagic.com So sometime last year I decided I needed to start making creamers from scratch. It’s taken some experimenting but a couple of weeks ago I made one that was super delicious so I just had to share! And this creamer costs about $.25 per serving (I use two tablespoons per cup of coffee). Considering the coffee drink I usually order out is about $4 each, this is WAY, way cheaper! I even topped it with whipped topping and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Delicious and just like the coffee house version!

Two simple ingredients. That's all.

This canning jar was perfect to shake up the ingredients and blend them well. I labeled it so the rest of my family would know what it was. And dated it too so I'd use it up in time.

This recipe is SO simple to mix up. But since I don’t drink coffee all that often, I needed a way to keep the creamer longer. So I poured some of it into a silicone ice cube tray (aren’t the hearts cute?). Once you have the cubes, flip them out onto a baking sheet and transfer them to a labeld ziptop bag. TIP: You have to work REALLY quickly as these cubes begin to melt super fast. I’m talking CRAZY FAST! In my cube tray, it holds about two tablespoons each and I use two cubes in my coffee.

Fill a cube tray with leftover filling then freeze. I like the silicone trays because they are easier to push out after they are frozen.

Pop the creamer cubes out on to a cutting board (I used a silicone mat). Move quickly--they start to melt fast!

Put the cubes in a labeled bag and store in the freezer. You can see here that they really started melting--even after just a few minutes. Still useable though!

I just love the way this tastes and am so happy to have found an alternative to the non-dairy flavored creamers. Now I can enjoy my coffee just a little bit more!
Homemade Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee Creamer
  • 1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk (I used the fat-free variety)
  • 1½ cups milk (you can also use soy or rice milk if you need to avoid excessive lactose)
  • 1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  1. Mix the two ingredients together very well, either by whisking or by shaking in a tightly-lidded container. This mixture will keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
  2. Or you can pour it into an ice cube tray and when frozen, pop out the cubes and store in a zip top bag. When ready to use, just grab a cube or too and add to your coffee. Stir and enjoy!


Making your own coffee creamer not only tastes delicious, it saves you money! You can even freeze it so that you can easily use it for each cup of coffee. Yum! | Recipe at MealPlanningMagic.com


  1. Julie says

    I highly recommend this recipe. It is bursting with flavor and it is so easy to prepare. Pennies on the dollar for REAL ingredients. Store bought creamers can be essentially junk!

    • says

      Shelby, once you start making your own, you will probably never go back to the premade stuff! It just tastes so much better to me and yep, I’m all about making it ahead and having it handy in the freezer ready to go for my morning cup of joe! :-)

  2. Kurtis Vaughn says

    Would using cinnamon extract instead of cinnamon powder work, or would it change the flavor too much? Just trying to avoid the powder making it to the bottom of cup and being sucked up by the straw.

    • says

      Hi Kurtis! I have never tried that but it might work! The only thing is that the extract is a lot stronger so you would need to reduce the amount. I have never had a problem with the cinnamon going to the bottom though as the ratio of it (1/2 teaspoon) to all the liquid in the milks distributes it pretty well. As long as you shake or stir the creamer before using it each time, you should be fine. If you try the extract, let me know how you like it!


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