Holiday Food Can Be Fun AND Healthy with Fruits & Veggies!

Who says eating healthy during the holidays needs to be boring? Check out these fun vegetable and fruit tray (or tree) ideas I found while looking for some ideas to use myself! I hope you’ll be inspired to try some yourself!


Snap Pea Veggie Tray by Little Nummies

Tree-Shaped Crescent Veggie Appetizers by Pillsbury

Cheddar Veggie Tree by Cabot Cheese

Christmas Cuke Cups by Super Healthy Kids

Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter by Betty Crocker

Vegetable Tray with Nacho Cheese Dip by Betty Crocker


Fruit Christmas Tree with Grapes by Recipes For Vegans

Christmas Tree Fruit Tray with Honeydew by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

Fruity Christmas Tree by Ginger & Garlic Blog

And be sure to check out this easy Fruity Kiwi Berry Tree by Almost Unschoolers blog (I couldn’t get a picture of it just yet!)

I hope you’ll be inspired to serve up some healthy holidays of your own!


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