Eating the Alphabet: A New Round! {Kids Kitchen Connection}

I’ve been talking about for months now and it’s finally happening: Eating the Alphabet is back! For all my new readers I’ll give you the scoop (and for longtime readers, a refresher).

Inspired by Lois Ehlert’s book by the same name, each week we will choose a new letter from the alphabet and then make a dish, snack or anything tasty that features that ingredient. The primary criteria? It must be a fruit or a vegetable. But this go ’round I’m adding legumes and whole grains to the mix to help encourage us to try even more new, healthy ingredients. I have to say that when we were doing it last time, the kids really got into thinking up different types of fruits and vegetables that we could try. And the bonus? They were much more willing to try something new if they had “suggested” it!

I hope you’ll join us in our healthy adventure to find new foods that we can prepare and hopefully come to love. Stay tuned for our first letter of the week: A!



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