Cooking Among Friends

Whoa, it has been six months (almost to the day) since I have done a cookbook review. Why such a long time? Well, I’d have to say a lot of it has been that I needed to wait until some new cookbooks came out for me to review! Ok, not so much that (although that is part of it) but I think I got a little burned out on doing them after nearly a year of doing weekly or bi-weekly reviews. (if you want to check out all my past reviews then go to the Cookbook Review page).

Now, I’ve got a stack of books ready for reviewing and I’m kicking it off with one of my favorite books, Cooking Among Friends. I don’t really remember how I first discovered this book but if you are interested in once-a-month or freezer cooking, keep reading. It takes the concept of freezer cooking, adds some friends and measures up to be a great time in the kitchen that results in a freezer full of meals for you to pull out and heat up on busy nights.

The authors start off with a Q&A section to help answer questions about freezer cooking in general and how doing it with friends will work. Next up are tips on forming your club with things to consider like the size of the group, the size of the families in your group (you want your appetites to be similar), dietary restrictions and more. They also include a great survey to help your group get started. By taking the simple quiz you’ll learn if buying store brands is ok with the majority, who prefers white meat for their chicken and what to consider a serving size (for example, a family with toddlers or preschoolers will expect different serving sizes than a family with growing teenagers). Tips on what types of containers to use and logistics for setting up your first cookbook round out the handy guide.

Next up are the recipes! And this isn’t just your general casserole frozen fare. Chicken Breasts in Phyllo, Pizza Kits or extras like Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Little tips throughout with suggestions for finding supplies, shortcuts on recipes and general hints for making the group experience better add a nice touch. Every recipe is set up to make either six, twelve or eighteen meals and has done the math for you so that when you head to the grocery store you already know how much to buy. Each also suggests the recommended packaging and provides reheating instructions so you can label each meal accordingly for easy prep on serving night.

This book will get you started freezer cooking and have a little fun with your friends too. More hints on how to get your freezer group started coming from me later this week…stay tuned!


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