Boar’s Head Jerk Chicken, Spinach and Avocado Wrap (Sponsored Video)

We love wraps! They are an easy way to jazz up a lunch whether it’s on the go or at home. I love that you can customize them to everyone’s individual tastes and include lots of yummy produce too! When I choose lunchmeat, I like to choose Boar’s Head because they have SO many different flavors and types from lower sodium to low nitrates to all different kinds of flavored meats. We pretty much always have baby spinach and avocado at our house so that’s what I decided to include in these. And the spicy Jerk Turkey from Boar’s Head’s new Bold Mission flavors give these wraps just enough zip to make the flavor pop!

6 slices Boar’s Head Jerk Turkey
4 slices Muenster cheese
¼ C baby spinach
½ sliced avocado
1 tablespoon ranch dressing
Two whole wheat tortillas

Layer chicken, cheese, spinach and avocado on one side of the tortilla. Drizzle ranch dressing over ingredients. Starting at end with turkey, cheese, spinach and avocado, begin rolling tortilla ending with unfilled end (this allows for the ingredients to shift and it will be less likely for it to all spill out). Haven’t heard of Boar’s Head’s Bold Mission flavors line of lunch meat and cheeses? Then check out this fun video below!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Boar’s Head and I am being compensated however all opinions are my own.

Keep Fruit Fresh-Lunchbox Tip!

Have you seen those little packages of cut up apples or other fruit sold in the grocery store or wholesale club? I’ve bought them when in a pinch as an easy alternative to sending cut up fruit in the kids’ lunches. But they can be pretty expensive and sometimes the fruit starts to turn brown even before the expiration date.

I’ve known about putting lemon juice on apples to keep them from turning brown, but the straight lemon juice can give the fruit a funny taste and then fruit comes home uneaten. Not exactly the plan I had in mind! There had to be a way for me to make my own for a lot less money.

So, awhile back I came across this tip on Lunch In a Box to keep acidulated water (lemon or lime juice mixed with water).

I’m not very exact about it. I usually fill a measuring cup with about one and half cups of tap water, then squirt some lemon juice in. Maybe two teaspoons I’d guess. Until recently, I was making up this mixture each evening when I was making lunches but after becoming more conscious about food waste, I started to feel bad pouring the mixture out when I was done dunking the apple slices.
Instead, I now make up the mixture and keep it in a resealable container in the refrigerator to dunk slices each night. It’s been working great and I can keep the water for at least a week before I feel I need to pour it out.

Here’s how it works:

Make up the lemon juice and water mixture and transfer from measuring cup to a resealable container.

Slice the apples and put them in the water. I usually dunk them pretty well (push down and around so they’re all covered by the lemon water) and leave in for about a minute.

Put in container for carrying in lunch or where ever! These apples actually went to school in my daughter’s lunch. She didn’t eat all of them (I put a lot in there) so these came back home. I put them in the refrigerator and remembered to eat them the NEXT day. You can see they are not really brown at all and that’s after more than 24 hours since being cut up!

I’m planning to try this with pears next but I imagine it should work just as well. I hope this little tip will help you get healthy foods into your family’s meals-on-the go and save a little money too!

Kitchen Organization (Part 3): Back To School Launch Pad

Several years ago I read about creating a Launch Pad to help us get out the door on hectic mornings. I set ours up in the front closet and it has made the process of getting going a whole lot easier. Since then, I’ve taken it one step further and applied the launch pad idea to the kitchen and created a lunch preparation launch pad.

I’m sure I’m the only one whose cabinets and drawers get out of control after awhile, right? :-) But in case you know someone who’s like me, just pass this info. on to them. You know, the person who sometimes get in a rush and just throws things in the cabinets and drawer? Before you know it you have a real mess on your hands. It’s generally a good idea to go through everything at least annually to get reorganized. Be sure to evaluate and purge containers that are broken, you no longer use (like all those snack cups for toddlers we don’t need any more—at least not so many!) and other unused items…some may be recycled while others may head to the donation box.

Lunch Pad drawer before.

Lunch Pad drawer after.

Storage container cabinet before.

Storage containers organization during.

Storage container cabinet after (lunch containers are on bottom shelf).

I have two primary areas for my lunch preparation tools and containers. First, I’ve created a drawer that holds our reusable beverage containers, reusable snack/sandwich bags, our fabric napkins, bento box tools (the few that we have), sandwich cutters and a few other essentials to streamline lunch making. Secondly, I have designated a shelf in my storage container cabinet just for lunch making items…our reusable sandwich boxes and other containers that hold more “wet” foods like soup or pasta, dips or wet fruits like cut up watermelon, etc.

In between those areas are my refrigerator, a kitchen island and my pantry so grabbing what I need is all right there (yes, our kitchen is one thing that sold us on this house—the layout is great!) So when setting up your Lunchtime Launch Pad, try to locate it near the items that you will be pulling from to put into the lunch.

I try to make the kids’ lunches in the evenings and put things that need to stay fresh in the refrigerator to pull out in the morning. And when they’re able to help, it makes things a lot easier for them too to find what they’re looking for! Then, all we have to do is put it all into the lunch bag just before it’s time to go–that’s one more way for us to streamline our morning routine. And if you were inspired by last week’s guest post on bento-box lunch making, check out Michelle’s Journal Corner blog and her Muffin Tin Monday feature for how to organize all the tools that can come with that!

Lunches packed and ready to go!
(cold items like drink containers and fruit go
into refrigerator to be pulled out in the morning)

I hope this helps you get off to a great start of the school year (or any time) and making packing lunches a little less stressful!

Giveaway Winner! Back To School Goodies

Congratulations to Tracee! She is the winner of my Back To School giveaway. I used to choose the winner and the number was #22–Tracee’s number! Tracee, please contact me within 48 hours so I can get the goodies on their way to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for sharing your great lunchbox ideas! Be on the lookout for another giveaway coming this week!

Back To School Giveaway!

Today is my Facebook birthday–yay! It was on this day last year that I put up my Facebook fan page and 380+ Facebook fans later here we are–thank you all!

In honor of my Facebook birthday AND back-to-school, I’ve got a giveaway for you! Included in this prize package are some items that will make packing a lunch a little more fun! It includes one each of the following:

–Dip & Snack Container (as mentioned in last week’s guest post about Healthy Lunchbox Ideas)
–Heart-shaped Sandwich Cutter
–Heart-shaped lid design sandwich keeper
–Yellow lunch tote (it’s not insulated but it’s very cute!)
–Package of Four Reusable produce bags (as mentioned in my Go Green post last spring)
(I realize the colors are little girly so if you don’t pack lunches for girls and you win, just give it to a friend who does!)

Here’s How To Enter:
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Remember, leave a comment for each entry. Only one entry per person per method listed above. If you are already a follower or subscribe to my blog, you can still have an extra entry–just mention that in the comment. Good luck!

Giveaway Rules:
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Disclosure: I, myself, purchased all the items in this giveaway. I did not receive any compensation from any of the companies mentioned in this post or the items shown for this giveaway. Check out Giveaway Scout’s listing of blogs with giveaways for more chances to win great prizes (seen link to the left).

Lunchtime Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!

Lunchtime. The mere thought of it can strike fear into even the most organized or health-conscious parent. Since I began sharing my meal planning message with other parents, have discovered that coming up with new ideas for what to pack for school lunch can sometimes be a bigger challenge than figuring out what is for dinner. Is it something that your child will eat? Will he or she trade it for something better? Or just toss it because they really don’t like it but have never bothered to tell you that? Is your child’s school a “nut-free zone”? It seems to have become much more complicated than it should be!

Well, I’m right there with ya! I have made it my personal quest to come up with new ideas of what to pack in my kids’ lunches. I’ve scoured the net to find resources that might give you the inspiration to try just one new thing this week. And that’s what I recommend…start small by trying one or two new things this week. Whether that’s adding grape tomatoes instead of seedless grapes or cheese and crackers instead of a ham and cheese sandwich, add it to your arsenal if it is a winner. Keep track of those hits and misses by writing them down (in your meal planning binder of course!). So when you’re spreading peanut butter on what seems like the millionth sandwich, you can go back to the list and choose something different for tomorrow’s lunch.

Another way to add to the list is to just ASK your kids what they want. Seems simple enough but how many of you have actually sat down with your kids and brainstormed new lunch or snack ideas? We did this last year and it almost became a game with my kids. They were coming up to me days later saying things like, “Mom! I forgot to add avocado! Add it to the list!” Keeping track of what you brainstorm is key. If you’re like me, your brain has to keep track of so many details that if you can delegate that task to a piece of paper (or computer list) I say go for it! Then all you have to do is refer to the list instead of starting all over.

Lastly, check out some of the resources here on my blog. One book I recommend is “The Healthy Lunchbox” by Marie McClendon and Cristy Shauck. They’ve done a lot of the legwork for you with forms and tables that have taken some of the work out of planning lunches for your kids. I’ve also added some lunch links to the Meal Planning and Recipe Idea Links section…take some time to check them out and I’m sure you’ll come away with at least one new idea you can probably try tomorrow! I hope you’ll find the inspiration to make this year the year of more creative (and hopefully healthy) kid lunches!

P.S. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section for this post!