Eating the Alphabet: The Letter M

This week in our adventures of Eating the Alphabet comes the letter M. At first I had a bit of trouble thinking about what fruits or vegetables start with the letter M. What came to mind first was Melon but I was thinking it might be tough to find a good flavored melon this time of year (cantaloupe, honeydew or water melon particularly). So I did a quick search online and came up with Mandarin Oranges and Mushrooms. I’m saving the oranges until our letter O (it IS a favorite fruit in our house!) So mushrooms…most kids I know (including mine) and many adults don’t like mushrooms. They “look weird and slimy” or are “gross and brown”. But I’ve always loved mushrooms for as long as I can remember. Sauteed in a little butter and put on cooked meat (chicken, burgers, steak) or just on their own as a side–delicious! Sneaking them into soups is another easy way to get them into your family’s diet. Marinated mushrooms are another favorite and can be eaten anytime because whether you buy them in jars or make them yourself. And a popular offering on holiday party appetizer trays are Stuffed Mushrooms (and you can even find gluten free recipes without breadcrumbs like the recipe link I’ve provided). Marinated or stuffed mushrooms make a yummy snack too! They can also be made ahead (yep, you can freeze the stuffed mushrooms and the marinated mushrooms MUST be made ahead) so how great is that for saving time in the kitchen?
But did you know how good mushrooms are for you? Yep, it’s true–mushrooms are high in selenium which is an antioxidant that helps boost your immunity and ergothioneine, another antioxidant that protects your body’s cells.

As I’ve said before, the trick to trying new foods is to try them in different forms until you find a way that appeals to you or your family. Gosh, I’m getting hungry just writing about them–I LOVE mushrooms and may have to add some marinated or stuffed mushrooms to my holiday table this year–even if they’re just for me!