Going Bananas! Freeze Your Extras {Kitchen Quick Tip!}

Here’s a tip I got from my dad who makes a fruit smoothie every day for breakfast! When you have extra bananas that are ripening faster than you can use them just peel ‘em and freeze ‘em!

Here’s the big tip though…slice your bananas on a cutting board or mat into 1-2″ chunks and then lay them on the mat and put into the freezer to freeze. When they are frozen, just throw them in a freezer bag or reusable container to grab what you need when you’re ready!

Sometimes I freeze the whole peeled banana and then I can thaw them out to use in banana bread or muffins (or other baked goods). The banana chunks are especially good for smoothies because the blender can “blenderize” them more easily than a whole frozen banana and they provide the “thickness” that ice might normally when making a smoothie. We don’t like ice in our smoothies so this is a great solution for an all fruit smoothie!

Thanks Dad, for this kitchen quick tip!