These 25 Awesome Foodie Fun Ideas for Kids (With Free Printable!) will help your kids learn about their world in and out of the kitchen! | More info. at

25 Awesome Foodie Fun Ideas for Kids (Free Printable!)

This post originally appeared nearly three years ago (next week to be exact!) but I wanted to update it a bit and share it with all of my newer readers. Now that summer is here, you'll no doubt be looking for fun ways to keep the kids from spending too much time with electronics and get them ...

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Muffin Tin Monday–a new idea! {Menu Inspiration Idea}

Remember last week I mentioned that I had discovered many new blogs while it was raining so much and we were stuck inside? Well, one of those blogs was Muffin Tin Monday. Here, you'll find a weekly challenge to serve meals to your family in fun muffin tins. A take on the bento style lunches (more on ...

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Kids In the Kitchen: More Than Just Learning How to Cook

For as long as I can remember I’ve been cooking in the kitchen. I’d have to say it really took off when I was a teenager. I even planned themed parties for my friends and all the food. So it was only natural that when I had children of my own I would include them in the kitchen as soon as I could. ...

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