Stop Boring Breakfasts–It’s Time for a Challenge!

I’m not sure about you but our breakfasts have hit a real slump. When school first started I was all gung-ho about making a balanced breakfast for myself and my kids each morning. I made muffins, pancakes or waffles on the weekends to put in the freezer to pull out on busy mornings. Sure I had the Breakast Meal Plan that helped us have a little variety, but as the year has gotten busier, we’ve gotten a lot simpler and having just a bowl of cereal morning after morning. That’s ok but now the kids are starting to complain! So, it’s time to kick things back into gear and I want you to join me!

So I’m starting a Breakfast Challenge for the month of March. I’ll be planning a big freezer session (and walking you through it so you can do it to!), a guest post with a yummy breakfast option created just for Meal Planning Magic, a giveaway or two and more fun for this month. So if you’re ready to join me, just add a comment or link your own blog below and hopefully by the end of this month we’ll all have a great new variety of breakfast options for our families and we can feel good knowing we’re providing a healthy, nutritious start to our family’s day while saving time in the kitchen too!

I hope you’ll join me today!
P.S. If you don’t have a blog to link to using the form below, just add a comment to share that you want to participate!