Web Bytes: January inspiration!

I had planned to jump on the “let’s get organized in the new year” bandwagon by posting some tips for organizing your freezer but I got sidetracked surfing the net too much instead. The freezer tips will come, I promise, but for now here are some links to keep you inspired. Enjoy!

–Girl Scout cookie sales began this weekend here in Texas (and I think all over the U.S.). The Thanks-A-Lot cookies are coming in new packaging which are meant to be more environmentally friendly (a test program for possible change for all the cookie boxes). Here are some more tips on what the Girl Scouts is doing to increase awareness about not only sustainable practices but what’s in the iconic cookies we buy and eat. Plus there are links to more Girl Scout cookie FAQs and recipes!

–Want to know if the food you’re eating is real or not? Check out this fun flowchart from TakePart.com to help you figure it out (and have a chuckle along the way)

–Bananas are my go-to fruit for just about any meal. They’re so easy to just peel and eat. As a matter of fact, when I was in college I did an ad campaign for bananas as part of a class assignment. I pulled it out the other day to show the kids (because they could not believe I would have done something like that!) I think we all wanted bananas for snack that day. Fruits & Veggies More Matters has their top 10 picks for enjoying bananas. I think I’ll try the banana salsa.

–I’m not especially trendy in general but apparently I’ve hit on one of the projected food trends for this year with one of my New Year’s Resolutions: eat more vegetables. Who knew?

–Do you think you eat pretty healthy? Maybe not. A new survey by Consumer Reports Health suggests otherwise. Of course it’s much more complex than this but it just reminds us that we must continually educate ourselves about what is good food for our bodies.

–And last but not least, thoughts on the family dinner and how the holidays are not the only time to be sitting down for meals regularly with your family. Studies show that it’s can be about so much more than just the food! How often does your family eat meals together?

I hope you’re inspired a little too!

A Little Snack Magic~Reusable Snack Bags Giveaway!

We’ve been using snack bags like these for over a year now and they’ve been so popular with my kids and their friends that I decided to make up a bunch to have on hand.  They’re made out of 100% cotton and lined with moisture-resistant nylon.  They are washable and have a velcro closure to keep those snacks where they should be.  We use them most often for dry snacks like pretzels or Goldfish but I’ve also put grapes or orange segments in them.  At the end of the day I just shake the crumbs out, turn them inside out and wipe them out when I’m doing my dishes and let them dry.  You can use them for sandwiches too!  Got a messy PB&J?  No problem–just throw them in the washing machine and hang to dry.
Best of all, by using these bags you’re saving the planet and your pennies by using fewer plastic bags.  I’ll be making many more designs so stay tuned for info. on how you can get some of these bags for yourself in the near future!
But the good news now is that I’m giving these two bags away to one lucky reader!  They are my prototypes so I want your feedback too on how you like them.  How do you enter?  Just leave a comment on your efforts to “go green” on the go or at home.  I’m looking for a name for the bags, so if you have an idea for that, leave an extra comment and you’ll get an extra entry!   I ‘ll choose the winner using Random.org.  Contest ends at midnight on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.
Sorry, this giveaway is for my U.S. and Canadian readers only.  Good luck!