Bake Sales and Cookies for Kids Cancer: How You Can Help!

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know that I like to support food-related charities where I can use my love for baking and cooking in a good way. And while I realize this month is nearly over, I wanted to let you know that September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month. And in the last year and a half, my kids and I (and numerous friends!), have organized, bake for and hosted a bake sale that benefits Cookie For Kids Cancer. What I love about this organization is that it allows the WHOLE family to be involved in making a difference. While many charities host galas or other big fundraisers, those are usually meant for adults. And true, they are great ways for charities to raise funds for their cause, from the time my children were little(r) I have always looked for ways for them to be involved in giving back to their community. For me, I’m hoping it instills in them a sense of humility and compassion for what we are so blessed to have and to recognize that there are many people, including children much like themselves, who are facing struggles of all kinds every day.

Cookies for Kids Cancer, a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity, was founded in 2008 by Gretchen Witt whose son Liam was diagnosed at the age of two with Stage 4 cancer. His courageous battle ended this past January at the age of 6 ½–about the same age as my own son, so I was truly touched by this family faced as I simply could not imagine the struggles they face.

Now, I know that Pediatric Cancer Awareness month is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean that we need to stop caring about it! Any time is a great time for a bake sale. It can be big or small, but every little bit makes a difference (our first bake sale only raised $150, the second $1,000!)

–Cancer claims the lives of more children annually than any other disease – more than asthma, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis & AIDS combined.
–46 children per day are diagnosed with cancer totaling nearly 13,000 new cases per year.
–Cure rates have improved dramatically and advances in childhood cancer research has provided seminal insights into the cancer problem in general. Today, 4 out 5 children diagnosed with cancer can be cured.
–While long-term goals for the pediatric cancer community will focus on securing more federal funding for childhood cancer research (more than the 1-2% of the National Cancer Institute budget that is current expended), philanthropy plays a critical and essential role in the ongoing battle against childhood cancer.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be hosting the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies (& Sweets!) blog hop. There will be more than 25 bloggers joining together to share their holiday sweet treat ideas and recipes with you. I’ll have more details tomorrow but what I’d like you to consider is joining in with us and bake at your home. Involve the kids. Involve your neighbors. And while you can stash some of those cookies for the upcoming holiday season, consider having a bake sale with the rest.

Cookies for Kids Cancer makes it easy to organize your bake sale. Their website is full of downloadable flyers, signs, press releases and all sorts of other resources to help make the work easier. You can also check out the tips I provided in my post last year for organizing a bake sale.

Be sure to register your bake sale with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. This will make you “official” and keep your bake sale in the running for corporate matching programs (keep reading for more details!)

This fall, other corporate sponsors have jumped on board to help by matching bake sale profits and through other opportunities like:

–Purchase a copy of the new Best Bake Sale Cookbook co-written by CFKC founder, Gretchen Holt-Witt. 100% of proceeds and royalties will go to fund pediatric cancer research!

–Host a bake sale between September 1st and December 31st and raise at least $2,500 and Breville, a leader in kitchen appliances, will name the first 200 event hosts to raise and send in proceeds to the “Breville’s Best List” featuring your name and event location. And as a special thank you, Cookies will send each host name to the Best List a Breville 5-Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer. Click here to learn more!

–Register your bake sale between now and December 31st with CFKC and another corporate partner, OXO (maker of great kitchen tools and gadgets) will match proceeds from all bake sales, up to $100,000. What’s more, the Top 5 highest-grossing individual bake sales will be awarded $500 worth of OXO Baking Tools. Click here for details!

–Baking not in your future? Then order cookies directly from the CFKC website for your next business meeting, school party, holiday gathering or just because! 100% of the profit will go towards pediatric cancer research.

–On a diet? Then give yourself (or someone else!) a virtual cookie. OXO Good Cookies will make a donation up to 10,000 cookies purchased.

Won’t you host a bake sale in 2011? Leave a message in the comments below if you’re inspired and let me how you’ll be helping out this year. I’d be happy to promote your sale or other efforts on my Facebook and Twitter pages! Happy baking!

P.S. I really had hoped to include pictures of our spring bake sale here but a recent hard drive re-do has put things in weird places and I can’t find the pictures! If I find them, I will update this post or add them to my Facebook page.


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