I wear many hats, like pretty much everyone does. I am a stay-at-home mom and wife, daughter and sister, friend, volunteer addict at my children’s school and for MOMS Club International volunteer among other things and also a freelance writer, blogger and meal planning enthusiast. We live in a suburb of Houston, Texas where the winters are mild and the summers are blazing hot and humid! When I take my “hats” off , I like to make crafty projects or scrapbook, take pictures, read everything that has words (pretty much!), go to yoga or pilates, spend time with my family and of course spend time in the kitchen!

For as long as I can remember I have been cooking and baking. I love playing around with new ingredients or working with familiar favorites and experimenting with different cuisines. Cooking in the kitchen with my children is something I started from an early age (pretty much since they started walking!) as I love knowing that we’re creating memories but also learning new things too!
Putting REAL food on the table is something I enjoy and am glad to share with family and friends. Since realizing a family history of high cholesterol many years ago, I became more interested in what I was eating—I had to for my health! But I think it was when I had children that my interest really took off. I wanted to make sure that I was providing healthy food options for my family but as many new moms discover, I found it especially challenging as my schedule had changed so much. There were times that I did rely on more convenience foods than I would have liked.

About a year after my oldest child was born I realized I needed to take a more organized approach to meal planning and shopping. With my desire to learn more and change my ways I found there was a world of options out there. But as with anything our needs changed as the kids grow older, our lives become busier and our tastes change too. It was a challenge to figure out the right fit for us but I was up for it! In that process, my friends and family were taking note and asking for help so they could be a little more organized too.

I taught a few workshops and started this blog as a way to share my journey with others. It’s still an ever changing process and I love connecting with my readers here—an now even on Facebook or Twitter! It has been an adventure full of fun and new opportunities—some of which are still unfolding!

Our roles change day-to-day or sometimes even hour-to-hour…knowing what hat you’ll be wearing helps control the chaos just a little bit more. And knowing what’s on the menu will help you have the energy to enjoy it a little more along the way. Won’t you join me on the juggling hat journey?

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