A Few Of My Favorite Things: Kids In The Kitchen

Oprah did it. Ellen does it. Now I’m adding my hat into the ring and starting my Favorite Things series this month. I’ve got lists of all sorts of gadgets, appliances, cookbooks, games and other tools to help you make the most of your time in the kitchen–both for gift giving this holiday season and maybe to add to your own holiday wish lists. Sadly, I can’t give these away to you free like Oprah and Ellen, but hopefully they will help you check a few things off your holiday shopping list. So consider my gift the gift of extra time by doing some preshopping for you!

Today I’m starting with my Favorite Things for Kids in the Kitchen. These are just a few…feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section. Happy browsing!

Crunch A Color Game

Brenda’s Notes: I received this game after participating in a Twitter chat and we’ve enjoyed playing it during our meals. The concept is simple: earn cards with points for eating healthy foods. Fruits and veggies give you the most points. Bonus points are given for things like trying a new food or helping to set the table or use good manners. The winner is the one who eats foods to earn the most points (and usually the most variety will give you the most points). Being that my children are somewhat competitive, this was right up their alley and actually works most times to get them to eat a greater variety of foods. Designed by a mom for parents, this game hits the mark on encouraging healthy eating habits. Be sure to check back later this week as I’ll be doing a giveaway of this game!

Junior Silicone Rolling Pin (avaiable in a variety of colors)

Brenda’s Notes: I picked up some of these at my local Marshall’s a couple of years ago–both for my own kids and also to give as gifts. They are GREAT! My kids love to use them when rolling out any kind of dough when they are helping me bake. They are perfectly sized for little hands (and my kids are older elementary aged and still use them). The silicone makes sticking less of an issue and they come in lots of fun colors. Pair with a kids cookbook and apron and you’ve got a budding chef gift ready to go!

Cook It In a Cup & Party In a Cup

Brenda’s Notes: My daughter had been circling this book over and over from a catalog we get of kids education toys so last summer I decided to give it a try. What kid doesn’t love miniaturized foods? What I love is that it takes familiar foods like lasagna or meatloaf and individualizes them. The instructions are simple to follow and kids can do much of the hands on work all by themselves. While we don’t own Party in a Cup (but it’s on my daughter’s list for this year!), I have seen it before and it does have more party food but not just sweets. Things like pasta or fruit salads served in those cute little cups. Don’t be thrown off by the pink cover–it’s not just for girls!

Family Time Fun Dinner Games & Activities

Brenda’s Notes: I bought this game for my family probably too years ago. Not that we need conversation starters so much but it is fun and my kids love to pull out the cards and ask the questions. Sometimes the questions encourage taking an extra bite of food while others are just for fun like, A, B, City where the first person starts by naming a geographic location that starts with the letter A, the next starts with B or the Acronym Challenge where the person who’s it names their favorite foods to spell out their name. The version I bought is for kids ages 6-12 (and adults of course) while the other version (shown below) is for kids ages 3-5.

Today I Ate A Rainbow Chart & Book Set

Brenda’s Notes: I got this set last spring and it is a very cute way to teach kids the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. My kids like to use the magnets to keep track of the colors they eat each day. You might be surprised about how much you are (or are not!) eating each day. We sure were! The book makes the reasoning relatable to kids and the kit also comes with shopping list pads and a bookmark to help reinforce healthy habits. Designed by a mom for parents, this is a fun tool for the whole family.

Super Healthy Kids plate

Brenda’s Notes: No doubt, you may have heard of the USDA’s redesign earlier this year of their recommended daily healthy food allowances in the form of a plate rather than the pyramid that many of us are used to. Well, long before that redesign, Amy from Super Healthy Kids designed a plate that encourages just that–filling your plate with half fruits or vegetables and then balancing the rest with protein or whole grains. This plate makes it fun and easy for kids to keep track of how much they’re putting on their plates and choosing a healthy balance of foods that fuel their bodies.

Kids Favorites Made Healthy Cookbook

Brenda’s Notes: I love this book! It’s color pages make it attractive to both parents and kids when choosing recipes. Best of all the recipes are kid-friendly (obviously) and easy for kids to help with. You can read my review of this book here. And what’s not to like when it’s kid friendly AND healthy!

Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Kit

Sassafras Little Cook Kid’s Kitchen Tool Kit

Brenda’s Notes: While I don’t have either one of these exact sets, my kids have received kid-sized utensils as gifts in the past and also aprons made just for them. What I love about sets like this is that the cooking utensils are perfect for little hands. They can easily grip, scoop, spoon and stir to feel like real pros in the kitchen. What better way to encourage the cook in every kid?

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing some of my favorite things! I’ve got more to share in the coming days and weeks like going green products, appliances, gadgets and much more! Be sure to subscribe via email or reader, Facebook, Twitter or GoogleConnect (or whatever you prefer!) to get the updates.

Disclaimer: I have received for free only the products as noted in my Notes. Most of them were purchased by me or received as gifts from family or friends. I received no other compesation and all opinions are my own. However I am an Amazon affiliate so if you order these items through my links here it does help me out through referral fees. Thanks for that if you do!


    • Meal Plan Mom (Brenda) says

      Peter, I love this book…so many great recipes and the pictures are terrific which help make the recipes even more appealing to the kids!


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